Online ordering with “REVNET”

Our online ordering system “REVNET” was custom created to fit our clients specific requirements, at no charge.

REVNET is Easy to Use, Convenient and Beneficial.

You can log-on, select a product and either place an order or transfer a product from our warehouse to your office, or any other location.


REVNET allows you to:

  • Place orders online in seconds
  • Receive e-mail confirmations instantly
  • Create Custom Cost Center catalogs
  • Generate reports online
  • Enjoy online order-tracking and verification
  • Maintain multiple levels of user security
  • Send orders to a manager for approval

Client Log In

The benefits of using REVNET.

  • Save time and money with instant requisitioning and online ordering
  • Increase control and get instant updates with e-mail order tracking and verification
  • Maintain peace of mind with completely secure data, access purchase history, and inventory management reports
  • Simplify purchase/requisition/fulfillment processes